January 7, 2010


8 comments on “January 7, 2010”

  1. What a wonderful project!! Look forward to seeing this everyday!

  2. Today’s theme appears to be loneliness caused by weather.

  3. I feel confident the person in B’s photograph is wishing they could walk faster to get out of the cold, however, I’m wondering what Owen is wishing for??? He is standing with his pirate ship wearing his hook and hat so we know he is enjoying pirate adventures, could he be wishing to have a pirate adventure in the cold tundra or would he abandon his gear for a snowball fight?

  4. BURR! These pictures look cold ye! t they are so inviting. I love the shot of Owen- I would guess that he is wondering what his pirate buddy Jack is doing! 🙂

  5. This was a snow day for us. I think Owen is debating whether it’s worth it to shed his awesome pirate costume for a snowsuit. He eventually did. Oh, and Jodi, I’m certain he was also thinking about his favorite pirate . . . Capt. Jack Kinasewitz. He was a wreck after Jack left school on Friday :(.

    B, Love your snowy pic- great perspective!

  6. Mel, I love your pensive pirate. And I think that is the pirate ship I bought him for Christmas!

  7. The creativity abounds in this family!!! Another site to check in on before going to bed each night! Thanks for the dream material!

  8. Great project! I love reading your blog and now there are 2!

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