January 15, 2010


7 comments on “January 15, 2010”

  1. This is such a weird pair of pictures. I love how Mel’s squiggly lines seem to mimic the profile of my mannequin.

  2. I have to say I’m laughing at this combination. I guess my mind went to a strange place because I thought the head in B’s photo was probably seeing the weird lights of Melissa’s photo every night she hangs out in the window display dreaming of some crazy adventure.

  3. Wow . . . I love these together!!!!

  4. So Cool together.

  5. Something about the combination of these pics makes it look like they were taken at 2am- not 7am/8am :).

  6. I have to say I have come back to look at this one at least 4 times, still wondering what the mannequin is thinking but I’m also drawn to other experiences in my life like window shopping downtown as a kid and seeing some of Melissa’s subway photos during our NY trip. I love them together, it makes me feel like I’m walking in New York. These definitely make me smile — nice job to both of you for this set.

  7. Very cool- agree about the 2 AM scenario-looks very late night”ish” like someone has been up to no good! 🙂

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