February 2, 2010


6 comments on “February 2, 2010”

  1. Aaaaack! This pairing is a little disturbing!

  2. Rather than think of it as disturbing, think of it as the car driving the kids to the sitter and then in the next photo, there they are safe and sound and ready for breakfast.

  3. Much better scenario Rachel :). I must confess that it’s been tough being creative this week. This baby puke yellow background is not helping my mediocre image either (the blog automatically generates the bg color based on the photos).

  4. Kind of funny really! I like it just becasue it captures my two baby girls loving life at Kim’s house-they always do! 🙂 And, its Abby’s birthday

  5. I think it looks like they were all just limo’d (left) to their E*Trade roundtable/ conference (right)– it could be the new talking baby commercial! “Shank-apotamus!”

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