February 6, 2010


8 comments on “February 6, 2010”

  1. White dots 🙂

  2. B’s pic is like a super size snowflake from Melissa’s pic

  3. What a great site. I am Gail’s (Montgomery, Ohio),
    sister. I am a giant wannabe photographer. Gail told me about this and now I will be a daily viewer.
    What great photographs !
    You guys are all inspiring!
    Looking forward to tomorrow.

  4. snow snow snow! Gosh we’re getting a blizzard too aren’t we B? 😀

    so jealous cincy schools didn’t have school today. ugh i’ve avoiding going outside right now….

  5. Thanks Nancy! My mom’s name is Gail (and I know she doesn’t have a sister) so I was a little confused :). Are you the wonderful oil painter? If so, we’ve met!

    Liz- We’re hoping to go two in a row!!! My boys all wore their pj’s backwards last night, flushed the toilet three times at 9 o’clock and put a spoon under their beds. I guess we’ll have to do it again tonight since it worked so well!!!

  6. I think B’s photo blew weather from Chicago our way!

  7. No, I’m the little sister. You must have met Lynn.
    I will be enjoying your fun. Thanks.

  8. oh and represent Montgomery, OH. 😉 yeah yeah.

    and Cincinnati is wussy compared to chicago for weather. I still have class today. from what i can see the roads are clear. oh and the snow is melting?? It was a serious blizzard last night though!!

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