February 7, 2010


5 comments on “February 7, 2010”

  1. Slow to get moving on a Sunday morning, just my kind of start. I am curious about the owl mug, it has been in at least one other photo before. Is there a story about owls (mug, necklace holder)?

  2. I had to laugh out loud at this pairing of images. The expression on the newscaster’s face is so similar to Owen’s (and the owl’s for that matter). Owen looks like he’s watching “Meet the Press” and is utterly bored by it (as he would be). Even the composition is similar!

    Jani- B collects everything owl :). I love that mug!!!

  3. My roommate has owl mugs too! 😀

    haha at Owen’s expression. 😉

  4. Funny! Jack wants to know what kind of cereal Owen is eating! 🙂

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