July 4, 2010


7 comments on “July 4, 2010”

  1. All I can say is Melissa…..you are BRAVE to battle this heat camping with 4 kids!
    I hope Joe knows what a good sport you are! Cute pic..!

  2. Is B’s photo dinner for the camping trip? I want to know where there is room for Joe in that vehicle — there is a very small opening in the rear window. Melissa, you are more than a good sport.

  3. Love Owen’s expression, It should be Melissa’s.

  4. Hilarious! Have fun!

  5. Sure are a lot of chickens on this blog.

  6. I ♥ all chickens, feathered and furry.

  7. Happy journey! I think you are happy that it’s perfectly campingpalooza ♥ 😀
    GOOD FUN!! 🙂

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