July 25, 2010


6 comments on “July 25, 2010”

  1. These two photos are super. I always love seeing what automobile mirrors capture, does not always make for the safest driving if it is distraction versus just being aware of surroundings, but cool no matter what. What are the street names for the location of these photos? Absolutely awesome.

  2. Is that Race Street in downtown Cincy?! Love it! You gals are so clever!

  3. very cool! looks like a fun night!?!?

  4. You’re close Katie- It’s 4th street. Actually Jodi, it was harrowing evening waiting for the Megabus. I drove downtown THREE different times trying to get B on that darn bus. This particular time we decided to get our our cameras to pass the time.

  5. So cool! Not the bus part, but the photos! 🙂

  6. um why did you need to drive her there 3 different times? 😉

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