July 26, 2010


5 comments on “July 26, 2010”

  1. How funny that we both took our pics by the window?! You pic is so cool B!!! I must admit that I almost forgot to take my photo. I remembered as I was putting the boys to bed. There was a katydid on their window . . . perfect photo op!

  2. Chicken kinda looks like an owl in this photo.

  3. very cool pictures- both so peaceful and quiet yet very intriguing. You ladies are something else!

  4. I love the bokeh in B’s photo and the reflection in Melissa’s photo. Very nice combination. Both photos show the mystery and wonder of the small things in our world.

  5. But there are grasshopper Italy but color is green, burgundy and brown things more disgusting. I see this cat almost looks like an owl. 😛

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