August 1, 2010


6 comments on “August 1, 2010”

  1. We know what B’s view was, wonder what the spider’s view is?

  2. This picture”B”: You went sul’areo then throw out the sky for parachutes and take pictures.
    This photo melissa: When there is a spider I kill with a broom.

  3. No parachutes Cristian :). B was flying home on an airplane after visiting us in Ohio. That was a GIANT spider outside Elle’s room (I wouln’t have gotten that close to it unless there was a window in between).

  4. ah ok Melissa. Thank goodness! If when you open the window to be more careful to step into the spider room in Elle. Why was the first time a spider mexico about 6cm entered into bed in my room was over I had not seen spider then I’m turned his head looked just screamed all home. After another good spider control, spider when I see him immediately kill racquet electric lightning strike against a spider just died. xD

  5. Notice August 6 start my birthday!

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