August 7, 2010


7 comments on “August 7, 2010”

  1. This picture”B”: two beautiful baby twins. 🙂 But the skin clean, smooth and soft to the ever more beautiful. : P
    This photo Melissa: It ‘s beautiful this place in the pool.

  2. And so the sibling rivalry begins and the thought of relaxing poolside at sunset is a dream for another time!

  3. Okay, I have come back to this photo a few times. I’m not sure if it is the color or the fact that the shape of the pool looks like a shirt and I’m wondering if that is why the baby is crying 🙂

  4. I really like how the colors work together on these two!

  5. I think the photo of the twins is very telling of what is to come!

  6. @ Lori: I hope you have twins next because if you mean me, I think I’ll pass on that!

  7. I guess I was not very clear on my thought. I was referring to their personalities. It looks like one of them just might demand a little more attention!

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