November 28, 2010

By: B

Dec 01 2010

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6 comments on “November 28, 2010”

  1. B, I love your photo — it should be a postcard of a child’s imagination. These two are fun together because it makes me think Melissa has captured B getting ready to sail away to Neverland or even better on some wild adventure with Captain Jack Sparrow!!!!

  2. Mel, did you take this same photo of Becky again 12 hours later?

  3. Sandi- As a matter of fact I could have, but I didn’t. I dropped B off at the airport for her 11am flight that she later realized was actually an 11PM flight. Silly sister!!!

  4. Jani- Can you link your blog to your username when you post comments here (just type the url in the “website” box)? I’d love for 300miles followers to check it out. Maybe you could even tell everyone a little bit about your postings and photos- it’s such a clever idea.

    • Melissa,
      I’m trying to do what you have requested, we will see if it works. If it does, the background to SERENDIPITYIMAGINED blog is sort of personal, so I will hit the highlights for those interested in checking it out. I am a rookie at photography, but I love trying to capture fun, interesting shots. My husband died of brain cancer almost 3 years ago, he was a walking rock n’ roll music trivia game. My daughter loves music, so when I was trying to find a way to combine my love of photos and his love of music — I came up with trying a photo blog for my daughter. I have looked forward to checking in with Melissa’s and 300miles daily, thanks for inspiring me. The idea of my blog is to have fun looking at the photo I have posted each day and tell me what song it makes you think about, there’s no right or wrong song. In our house music walks hand-in-hand with so many of our cherished moments creating a super interesting life soundtrack. Hope you have fun playing along with us.

  5. Oh thanks Jani! I’m so glad you posted this! Plus, it will make it easier for me to check in on your blog!

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